Sunoptics Fiberoptic Surgical Headlight

Sunoptics fiberoptic headlight system is designed to deliver the brightest illumination from a high intensity light source (LED or Xenon) for surgical site illumination. The lightweight RCS headband provides superior comfort and stability for the user.

Recommended LED Light sources: Sunoptic LED 4500, Sunoptic LED 2000
Recommended Xenon Light Sources: Titan x300, Titan x400, Pro300

Product Information

Fiberoptic Headlight Features

  • Available for Xenon or LED Light Sources
  • 20-110mm spot variability at working distance
  • Headlight cables in bifurcated and straight configuration
  • 9ft, Lensed 3.5mm Fiber Bundle with armored sheathing (for Xenon Light Sources)
  • 9ft, 4mm Fiber Bundle with armored sheathing (for LED Light Sources)
  • Lightweight Rear Cranial Support Headband distributes weight for added comfort
  • Fused fibers on proximal end increase transmission efficiency by 10%
  • Molded Ultragrip handle eases cable removal from light source
Apron Features: Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Apron Features: Custom fitting available

Compatible with Xenon Light Sources

Apron Features: Custom fitting available

Compatible with LED Light Sources

Sunoptic Fiberoptics Headlight Characteristics
  • Variable Module Spot: 20mm-110mm @16”/ 40cm
  • Headband with module & cable weight: 6.5oz/ 184grams
  • Model for LED Light Sources: SG40-110-VHB
  • Model for Xenon Light Sources: SG35-110-VHB
  • Warranty: Three (3) years
  • Classification: FDA Class 1 Device Listing D125713

Suitable Vocations
Suitable Vocations: Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Suitable Vocations: Dental


Suitable Vocations: General Surgery

General Surgery

Suitable Vocations: ORL


Suitable Vocations: Maxillofacial


Headlight System Includes
  • 1 headlight with Rear Cranial Support “RCS” headband
  • 1 20mm-110mm Variable Spot Module
  • 1 3.5mm (OR 4mm) Bifurcated 9’ Long UltraGrip Cable with Lensed Wolf Proximal End
  • 2 Re-useable, Autoclavable Joysticks for positioning module
  • 1 padded carrying bag with shoulder strap

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Sunoptics Fiberoptic Surgical Headlight
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