Apron Core Materials

Knowing what’s inside your apron is as important as how that apron claims to protect you.

Protech's core materials are formulated to efficiently attenuate portions of the photon spectrum and limit “gaps” in protection by blending x-ray protective elements. For example, Antimony and barium provide more efficient attenuation of the photon spectrum below the K-edge window of lead (35 - 88 kV). While higher Z elements tungsten, bismuth and lead are more efficient for stopping higher energy radiation (>9/88 kV), and also cover the K-edge fluorescence window of antimony (< 35 kV).

Achieving this elemental balance addresses k-edge concerns for key diagnostic imaging ranges. In addition, our core material's elastomers exhibit the best balance of toughness, flexibility, durability and cracking resistance.


Standard Lead Core Material Icon
  • Weight: 3400gsm at 0.25mm
  • Composition: Lead Plasticizers
  • Certifications: ASTM & IEC Certified

Lead is an affordable, highly protective material providing consistent x-ray protection throughout a wide range of kV. While lead is considered a standard in radiation protection, it is the heaviest core material option and must be disposed of correctly (not eco-friendly).

Average Lead 0.50mm LE Weights
X-Small 7.17 lbs 11.16 lbs 12.44 lbs
Small 7.68 lbs 12.74 lbs 14.40 lbs
Medium 8.63 lbs 14.75 lbs 15.95 lbs
Large 10.35 lbs 17.56 lbs 17.52 lbs
X-Large 11.74 lbs 19.56 lbs 19.08 lbs
2X-Large 12.28 lbs 21.46 lbs 22.00 lbs


Prolite Core Material Icon
  • Weight: 16% lighter than lead, 2850gsm at 0.25mm
  • Composition: Cerium and/or Rare earths, Plasticizers
  • Certifications: ASTM & IEC Certified

One of our most popular core materials, Prolite is a light weight and flexible x-ray protective material composed of cerium and/or trade secret rare earths. It is roughly 16% lighter than standard lead. Prolite is certified to both ASTM and IEC standards.

Average Prolite 0.50mm LE Weights
X-Small 5.95 lbs 9.32 lbs 10.33 lbs
Small 6.37 lbs 10.64 lbs 11.95 lbs
Medium 7.16 lbs 12.32 lbs 13.23 lbs
Large 8.59 lbs 15.00 lbs 14.54 lbs
X-Large 9.74 lbs 16.33 lbs 15.84 lbs
2X-Large 10.20 lbs 17.92 lbs 18.26 lbs


Premier Core Material Icon
  • Weight: 23% lighter than lead, 2600gsm at 0.25mm
  • Composition: Bismuth and/or Rare earths, Plasticizers
  • Certifications: ASTM Certified

Premier is our best selling core material and one of the lightest weight x-ray protective materials on the market. It is made from bismuth and/or trade secret rare earths, achieving 23% weight reduction when compared to standard lead products. Premier is ASTM certified.

Average Premier 0.50mm LE Weights
X-Small 5.59 lbs 8.54 lbs 9.70 lbs
Small 5.99 lbs 9.75 lbs 11.23 lbs
Medium 6.73 lbs 11.29 lbs 12.44 lbs
Large 8.07 lbs 13.74 lbs 13.67 lbs
X-Large 9.16 lbs 14.96 lbs 14.89 lbs
2X-Large 9.58 lbs 16.42 lbs 17.16 lbs


Nano Core Material Icon
  • Weight: 33% lighter than lead, 2300 gsm @ 0.25mm
  • Composition: Cerium, Antimony, Rare earths, Plasticizers
  • Certifications: ASTM Certified

Weighing in at 33% lighter than lead, Nano is takes the stage as our lightest core material. Made from Cerium, Antimony and rare earths, Nano is highly flexible and is a fantastic option for those needing a ultra lightweight option. It is certified to ASTM testing standards.

Average Nano 0.50mm LE Weights
X-Small 4.87 lbs 7.53 lbs 8.46 lbs
Small 5.22 lbs 8.60 lbs 9.79 lbs
Medium 5.87 lbs 9.96 lbs 10.84 lbs
Large 7.04 lbs 12.12 lbs 11.91 lbs
X-Large 7.98 lbs 13.20 lbs 12.98 lbs
2X-Large 8.35 lbs 14.48 lbs 14.96 lbs