Product Testing

For a family owned and operated business like Protech, our greatest asset is transparency. We are not scared to share what goes into making our exceptional radiation safety products. Below is a comprehensive list of test reports performed on a variety of Protech's light-weight, high quality x-ray protective apparel.


Apron Core Material testing

Our core materials are used across a wide range of products such as aprons, thyroids, lead accessories, table drapes, and Scatterguard Drapes. The test reports offer full transparency! When you're ready Click here to shop aprons.


Acrylic Barrier testing

Our mobile acrylic barriers offer almost perfect protection from scattered radiation. You can view our testing below or Click here to shop our barriers when you're ready!



To ensure optimal protection, all of Protech’s eyewear and face shields conform to IEC and ASTM standards. You can find all of our eyewear testing below. When you're ready, Click here to shop leaded eyewear.


Proguard Glove Testing

Proguard radiation attenuating gloves are best in industry. They provide excellent protection while maintaining tactile sensitivity for the most delicate procedures. Once you're finished looking at the test results, Click here to shop our gloves.