Who uses protective glasses?

Your eyes are 4 times more sensitive to radiation than other parts of your body. With the increase in occurrences of early onset cataracts, lead glasses are now a staple in fluoroscopic procedures. Protective leaded eyewear is used by roughly 95% of physicians and staff in vocations such as Cardiac Cath, EP labs, Urology, Interventional Radiology, Pain Management, Orthopedic Surgery, and more.

Eyewear by Brand


wraparound glasses


Best for:
Comfort and flexibility

lead goggles frames


Best for:
Maximum coverage and wide field of view

Face shields Eyewear Type

Face Shields

Best for:
Maximum protection

Metal frame eyewear


Best for:

Fitover frame


Best for:
Covering prescription eyewear

Classic frame


Best for:
Versatile style and fit