Fitguard Alpha Lead Glasses

The Fitguard Alpha fitover is a versatile, high quality nylon frame. Featuring Flexfit technology, the Fitguard’s temples can be easily adjusted for a secure, comfortable fit. The Alpha model is ideal for fitting over wide prescription eyewear while still providing a secure and comfortable fit. With the most balanced weight distribution, the Fitguard Alpha is our most popular fitover model. Blacked out side shields provide a streamlined look as well as 0.50mm lead equivalent protection.

Additional Accessories
Lens Coating Options

Product Information


  • 0.50mm Lead Side Shields Included
  • Ideal for fitting over wide prescription eyewear
  • Adjustable Temples
  • Highly durable frame
Eyewear Frame Type: Fitovers

Fitover Frame

Eyewear Features: CE Certified

CE Certified

Eyewear Features: Rx Prescription Options

No Rx Options

Fitguard Alpha Eyewear Characteristics
  • Frame Type: Fitover
  • Front Lens: 0.75mm Pb Glass
  • Weight: 91g
  • Frame Size: 69-17-145
  • Frame Material: Nylon
  • Side Shields: 0.50mm Pb Lead Strips
  • CE Certified: Yes
  • Color Options: Matte Black
  • Rx Options: None
  • Min Prg PD: Not Applicable

Lens Attenuation
4B Semi Finished Lens – Thin 0.75mm Pb 98.3% 96.4%
4B Semi Finished Lens – Thick 1.00mm Pb 99.1% 98.2%
6B Semi Finished Lens – Thin 1.05mm Pb 99.2% 98.6%
6B Semi Finished Lens – Thick 1.35mm Pb 99.5% 99.0%

Compliance Standards

Intended Use: Lead Glasses, Goggles, and fitovers (“Leaded Eyewear”) are intended to be worn by persons who are present in the examination of operating room during medical procedures requiring the use of x-ray/fluoroscopy. They are intended primarily to protect the eyes of the operator from x-ray radiation.

EN 61331-1:2014: (EU) Protective devices against diagnostic Medical X-ray radiation. (Determination of attenuation properties of material)
EN 61331-3:2014: (EU) Protective devices against diagnostic medical X-radiation Part 3: Protective clothing, Eyewear and Protective Patient shields.
ASTM 2547-18: (USA) Standard test method for determining the attenuation properties in a primary x-ray beam of materials used against radiation.

Protection Options: Lead (Pb) equivalent material (mm Pb) ≥ 0.50mm LE at 150kV

  • PL75: Plano Lens 0.75mm (± 0.05) Pb equiv.
  • PL50: Plano Lens 0.50mm (± 0.05) Pb equiv.
  • RX75: Prescription lens 0.75mm (± 0.05) Pb equiv.
  • RX50: Prescription lens 0.50mm (± 0.05) Pb equiv.
  • SS: Lead strip side shield 0.50mm (± 0.05) Pb equiv.
  • SS50: Lead lens side shield 0.50mm (± 0.05) Pb equiv.
  • SS75: Lead lens side shield 0.75mm (± 0.05) Pb equiv.

Maintaining Your Eyewear
Storage: Leaded Eyewear should be stored in a protective case in normal room temperature and low humidity conditions when not in use.

Maintenance: Examine Leaded Eyewear frequently and before each use. Cease use and replace or repair immediately if the eyewear are chipped, pitted, or damaged. You may tighten screws/hinges if they loosen. Cleaning the Frame: Use any standard eyewear cleaning cloth. Diluted soap and water usually will not discolor or damage the frame. Cleaning the Lenses: Never use ammonia or chlorine-based cleaners. Use of alcohol is permitted for lenses that do not posses an anti-reflective (A/R) coat. To clean A/R coat lenses soak in diluted soap and water. DO NOT allow water to remain or dry onto the lenses as this can discolor/damage the lens. Wipe and dry using a Protech cleaning cloth or equivalent soft, lint free cloth.

Warranty: Protech’s Leaded Eyewear are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship to the original purchaser for one year. If a defect appears, please contact us or an authorized reseller to begin the RMA process.

The warranty is void when the product has been tampered with, when repairs or attempted repairs have been made by unauthorized persons, or when the item has been subject to misuse, abuse or damage in transit. For more information on Returns, Repairs and Warranty, please visit our Returns and Repairs page.


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Fitguard Alpha Lead Glasses
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