Apron Fabric Colors

We carry a variety of fabric types for our custom aprons and lead accessories. If you need something that performs, check out our Satinguard anti-microbial fabrics or our Coolguard fabrics.

Best sellers: Coolguard Black Silk, Satinguard Dark Grey

A Protech team favorite, our Satinguard fabrics are velvety-soft and featuring anti-microbial technology. They are also stain-resistant, easy to clean and have heavy, double-knit backing for a prolonged lifespan.

Satinguard antimicrobial fabric black


Satinguard antimicrobial fabric dark grey

Dark Grey

Satinguard antimicrobial fabric warm grey

Light grey

Satinguard antimicrobial fabric navy


Satinguard antimicrobial fabric dark teal

Dark Teal

Satinguard antimicrobial fabric light teal

Light Teal

Satinguard antimicrobial fabric fuschia


Satinguard antimicrobial fabric lilac


Satinguard antimicrobial fabric royal blue

Royal Blue

Satinguard antimicrobial fabric cyan


Satinguard antimicrobial fabric bordeaux red

Bordeaux Red

Satinguard antimicrobial fabric red


Coolguard fabrics perform where you need it most!

Coolguard Performance Fabric Black Silk

Black Silk
Ultra-soft & breathable polyester that is fluid proof & stain resistant.

Coolguard Performance Fabric Indigo

A soft, PVC nylon that is fluid-proof, stain resistant, bacteria & fungus resistant. Our lightest-weight fabric!

Coolguard Performance Fabric Mesh

Coolguard Mesh
Increases air flow on back closure of apron. For frontal apron back closures only.

Coolguard Performance Fabric Spandex

Coolguard Spandex
Sweat wicking, breathable microfiber with quick dry technology.

Coolguard Performance Fabric Air

Coolguard Air
Enables natural air ventilation with air-flow technology. Interior only.

Coolguard Performance Fabric Anti-slip

Anti-slip Fabric
A high-quality, textured fabric placed on the inside of your apron to prevent slippage.

Nylon is a lightweight and durable apron fabric option that is fluid and tear resistant. All of our nylons are 200 denier with the exception of Neon Green, Raspberry, Yellow and Orange which are 420 denier.

Nylon Black Fabric


Nylon Burgundy Fabric


Nylon Forest Green Fabric

Forest Green

Nylon Gray Fabric


Nylon Green Fabric


Nylon Hot Pink Fabric

Hot Pink

Nylon Marine Blue Fabric

Marine Blue

Nylon Navy Fabric


Nylon Neon Green Fabric

Neon Green

Nylon Orange Fabric


Nylon Purple Fabric


Nylon Raspberry Fabric


Nylon Red Fabric


Nylon Rose Pink Fabric

Rose Pink

Nylon Royal Blue Fabric

Royal Blue

Nylon Tan Fabric


Nylon Teal Fabric


Nylon Yellow Fabric


A high quality, durable apron fabric that is fluid and tear resistant. Ripstop incorporates high tensile strength interwoven fibers that are ultra resistant to tearing.

Ripstop Black Fabric


Ripstop Brown Fabric


Ripstop Burgundy Fabric


Ripstop Chocolate Fabric


Ripstop Forest Green Fabric

Forest Green

Ripstop Green Fabric


Ripstop Navy Fabric


Ripstop Purple Fabric


Ripstop Red Fabric


Ripstop Royal Blue Fabric

Royal Blue

Ripstop Silver Fabric


A fluid resistant polyester and nylon blend finished with custom print designs. Protech print designs require no upcharge!

Print Fabric 70s Flowers

70s Flowers

Print Fabric Animal Farm

Animal Farm

Print Fabric Asia Garden

Asia Garden

Print Fabric Black Lace

Black Lace

Print Fabric Animal River

Animal River

Print Fabric Blue Flame

Blue Flame

Print Fabric Brown Animal Spots

Brown Animal Spots

Print Fabric Butterfly


Print Fabric Camo Backwoods

Camo Backwoods

Print Fabric 70s Camo Blue

Camo Blue

Print Fabric Camo Digital Grey

Camo Digital Grey

Print Fabric Camo pink smalls

Camo Pink (smalls)

Print Fabric Camo Pink

Camo Pink

Print Fabric Camo Yellow

Camo Yellow

Print Fabric Cosmo

Camo Cosmo

Print Fabric Chicklets Blue

Chicklets - Blue

Print Fabric Crayon Hearts

Crayon Hearts

Print Fabric Divebar


Print Fabric Paw Prints Black Background

Dog Paw

Print Fabric Fire Tongues

Fire Tongues

Print Fabric Fleur-de-lis


Print Fabric Fruity Pebbles

Fruity Pebbles

Print Fabric Galaxy Multi

Galaxy Multi

Print Fabric Galaxy Royal

Galaxy Royal

Print Fabric Giraffe


Print Fabric Hawaiian


Print Fabric Hawaii Postcard

Hawaii Postcard

Print Fabric Leopard


Print Fabric Lu-lu grape

Lu-lu Grape

Print Fabric Blue Mamba

Mamba (Blue)

Print Fabric Pink Mamba

Mamba (pink)

Print Fabric Marble Splash

Marble Splash

Print Fabric Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras

Print Fabric Mystery Multi

Mystery Multi

Print Fabric Paint Splash

Paint Splash

Print Fabric Painted Dragon

Painted Dragon

Print Fabric Paw Prints White Background

Paw Prints

Print Fabric Plaid Blue

Plaid (Blue)

Print Fabric Plaid Green

Plaid (Green)

Print Fabric Plaid Pink

Plaid (Pink)

Print Fabric Plaid Purple

Plaid (Purple)

Print Fabric Plaid Tan

Plaid (Tan)

Print Fabric Plaid Teal

Plaid (Teal)

Print Fabric Rainbow


Print Fabric Red Dalmatian

Red Dalmatian

Print Fabric Sheep


Print Fabric Gray Skulls

Skulls (Gray)

Print Fabric Red Skulls

Skulls (Red)

Print Fabric Snake Skin

Snake Skin

Print Fabric Star Gazer

Star Gazer

Print Fabric Stars


Print Fabric Steel


Print Fabric Surf Wax

Surf Wax

Print Fabric Teal Splash

Teal Splash

Print Fabric Green Tie Die

Tie Dye (Green)

Print Fabric Purple Tie Dye

Tie Dye (Purple)

Print Fabric Tiger


Print Fabric Zebra


All of our binding/trim colors.

Black Binding Fabric


Gray Binding Fabric


Tan Binding Fabric


Burgundy Binding Fabric


Red Binding Fabric


Orange Binding Fabric


Yellow Binding Fabric


Neon Green Binding Fabric

Neon Green

Green Binding Fabric


Forest Green Binding Fabric

Forest Green

Dark Teal Binding Fabric

Dark Teal

Light Teal Binding Fabric

Light Teal

Marine Blue Binding Fabric

Marine Blue

Royal Blue Binding Fabric

Royal Blue

Navy Blue Binding Fabric

Navy Blue

Purple Binding Fabric


Raspberry Binding Fabric


Hot Pink Binding Fabric

Hot Pink

For those who like a little pizazz

Stand out from the rest with Protech's limited edition fabrics! Every year we introduce new designs to keep things fresh. Want an idea of what our latest 2024 additions look like on an apron? Click the button below to check them out and vote for your favorites!

Limited Edition 2024 Fabrics

Limited Edition Fabrics - Athletic Department

Athletic Department

Limited Edition Fabrics - Balloon Animals

Balloon Animals

Limited Edition Fabrics - Black Camo

Black Camo

Limited Edition Fabrics - Blue Steel

Blue Steel

Limited Edition Fabrics - Bone to be Wild

Bone to be Wild

Limited Edition Fabrics - Coral Gardens

Coral Gardens

Limited Edition Fabrics - EKG


Limited Edition Fabrics - Feline Fine

Feline Fine

Limited Edition Fabrics - Green and Brown Camo

Green and Brown Camo

Limited Edition Fabrics - Hitting the Green

Hitting the Green

Limited Edition Fabrics - Kyoto Cranes

Kyoto Cranes

Limited Edition Fabrics - Lifes a Beach

Life's a Beach

Limited Edition Fabrics - Masked Heros

Masked Heros

Limited Edition Fabrics - Painted Flowers

Painted Flowers

Limited Edition Fabrics - The Hamptons

The Hamptons

Limited Edition 2023 Fabrics

Limited Edition Fabrics - This Lead is Bananas

This Lead is Bananas

Limited Edition Fabrics - Blue Marble

Blue Marble

Limited Edition Fabrics - Body Positivity

Body Positivity

Limited Edition Fabrics - Galactic Kitties

Galactic Kitties

Limited Edition Fabrics - Hex Yeah!

Hex Yeah!

Limited Edition Fabrics - Medically Necessary

Medically Necessary

Limited Edition Fabrics - Midnight Jungle

Midnight Jungle

Limited Edition Fabrics - Party till you're dead

Party 'till you're Dead

Limited Edition Fabrics - Reel Time

Reel Time

Limited Edition Fabrics - Stable Genius

Stable Genius

Limited Edition Fabrics - Stardate: 2022

Stardate: 2022

Limited Edition Fabrics - Starry Night

Starry Night

Limited Edition Fabrics - Grind my Gears

Grind my Gears

Limited Edition Fabrics - Supernova


Limited Edition Fabrics - Tropical Smoothie

Tropical Smoothie