Sunoptics LX2+ Wireless Headlight Camera

The Sunoptic LX2+ Wireless HD Headlight Camera provides the OR Team with a complete perspective during surgical procedures without ever compromising mobility, quality of light or light output. Wireless transmission from the recording unit/battery pack to the receiver eliminates additional cables in the operating room and allows the user more comfortable movement around the patient table. This portable system allows you to capture crisp, high-definition images and video recordings in real time with the recording unit or the remote programming FOB. More power efficient batteries included with a lower voltage that lead to a continuous 3 hour run time at full output.

Also available without HD camera: Model LX2 Portable Surgical Headlight

Product Information

LX2+ Camera Headlight Features

  • Portable battery pack allows for optimal mobility
  • 1080p HD picture (30fps) high-definition images
  • Standard 12mm lens (16mm and 25mm also available)
  • Captures both video and stills for teaching and improving patient records
  • Removable camera for headlight-only use
  • Remote Programming FOB included
  • Recordings and Images saved to an SD card and easily exported via USB
  • 3 hour battery life for fully charged battery at maximum output
  • Lightweight, adjustable Rear Cranial Support Headband distributes weight for added comfort
Headlight Features: Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Headlight Features: CE Certified

CE Certified

Sunoptic LX2+ Headlight Camera Characteristics
  • Variable Module Spot: 20mm-110mm @16”/ 40cm
  • Variable intensity control: 0-70,000 Lux at 16”/ 40cm working distance
  • Headband with LED light weight: 10.4oz / 294g
  • Battery and holster weight: 15.2oz / 431g
  • Battery life (standard): 3 hours at full intensity and 6 hours at half output (power)
  • Battery life (extended): 6 hours at full intensity and 12 hours at half output (power)
  • Battery Recharge Time: 3.5 hours
  • Color Temperature: 4,500K typ.
  • Color Rendition Index (CRI): 75 typ.
  • Typical LED life: >50,000 hours
  • Warranty: Three (3) years on LED Headlight and one (1) year on Batteries
  • Classification: FDA Class 1 Device Listing D125713; European Class I, Active device per Annex IX, rule 1; Complies with Essential Requirements Matrix of MDD 93/42/EEC, amended by 2007/47/CE

Suitable Vocations
Suitable Vocations: Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Suitable Vocations: Spinal Surgery


Suitable Vocations: General Surgery

General Surgery

Suitable Vocations: ORL


Suitable Vocations: Neural Surgery

Neural Surgery

Suitable Vocations: Pediatrics


Suitable Vocations: Transplant


Sunoptics LX2+ Wireless Camera System Parts
  • Full Wireless LX2+ Camera System (SSL-LHD-30)
  • Receiver and 6′ HDMI Cable for Wireless Camera System (SSL-LHD-RVR)
  • Camera Head Only – no bracket (SSL-LHD-CAM)
  • Carrying Case for Wireless HD Camera System (SSL-LHD-CASE)
  • Replacement Remote Control for Wireless HD Camera System (SSL-LHD-RMT)
  • 16mm lens for LHD Wireless Camera System (SSL-LHD-16mm)
  • 25mm lens for LHD Wireless Camera System (SSL-LHD-25mm)
  • Battery Pack Transmitter for Wireless Camera System (SSL-LHD-BPT)
  • Batteries (4) for LHD Wireless Camera System (SSL-2054LHD)
  • 4-Bay Battery Charger for LHD Wireless Camera System (SSL-3736LHD)

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Sunoptics LX2+ Wireless Headlight Camera
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