Essential Flexback Vest Skirt Apron

The Essential Vest Skirt Flexback shifts 70% of the weight directly to the hips with added support of an adjustable, elastic back relief belt. The Essential apron configuration features extended front panels to achieve a 3/4 overlap (where protection is doubled) which allows for a lighter weight apron without compromising protection. The skirt comes standard with an anti-slip fabric in the back (interior) to keep your skirt in place. Essential aprons are only available in standard sizes.

Size Charts: Male | Female
How to Measure for your Apron

Product Information


  • Front panels are extended to 3/4 overlap coverage where protection is doubled
  • Flexback belt wraps internally around your back and securely fastens in the front
  • Adjustable Buckle closures ensure a secure fit
  • Non-slip backing on skirt interior to reduce slippage and improve fit
  • Premium foam padding in shoulders for extra comfort
  • Comes with apron pocket
Apron Features: Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Apron Features: CE Certified

CE Certified

Essential Vest Skirt Flexback Apron Characteristics
  • Apron Type: Front and Back (full) Protection
  • Front Protection (thickness) Options: 0.25, 0.35, or 0.50mm LE
  • Back Protection (thickness) Options: 0.25mm LE
  • Core Material Options: Lead, Prolite, or Premier
  • CE Certified: Yes
  • Closure Type: Velcro and Buckles
  • Customization Options: Embroidery, Logo, Sleeve, Wings, Extra Pocket
  • Custom fitting:* No custom fitting available for Essential aprons. Please see the Balance Vest Skirt Flexback Apron

Average Vest Skirt 0.50mm LE Apron Weights

Protech makes every effort to accurately record its apron weights. Because each category is averaged, the numbers we provide in the weight chart are subject to a +/- 15% weight variance. Minor length or width adjustments, including heavier fabrics, are not differentiated and instead, averaged together. Please consider this when referencing the weight chart. Weights are measured using at 0.50mm LE core material thickness.

X-Small 22.0″ 19.5″ 20.0″ 17.0″ 7.53 lbs 8.54 lbs 9.32 lbs 11.16 lbs
Small 22.0″ 21.0″ 20.0″ 18.0″ 8.60 lbs 9.75 lbs 10.64 lbs 12.74 lbs
Medium 24.0″ 22.5″ 20.0″ 20.0″ 9.96 lbs 11.29 lbs 12.32 lbs 14.75 lbs
Large 25.0″ 24.0″ 21.0″ 22.0″ 12.12 lbs 13.74 lbs 15.00 lbs 17.96 lbs
X-Large 25.0″ 26.5″ 21.0″ 24.0″ 13.20 lbs 14.96 lbs 16.33 lbs 19.56 lbs
2X-Large 25.0″ 28.5″ 21.0″ 26.0″ 14.48 lbs 16.42 lbs 17.92 lbs 21.46 lbs

Compliance Standards

Intended Use: Lead Garments are worn by healthcare professionals to protect them from the harmful effects of x-ray radiation during medical & other procedures requiring the use of x-ray/fluoroscopy. Lead garments are usually worn in combination with other products to provide complete protection from x-ray. You must ensure that your lead garment fits correctly and is properly worn for effective protection.

EN 61331-1:2014: (EU) Protective devices against diagnostic Medical X-ray radiation. (Determination of attenuation properties of material)
EN 61331-3:2014: (EU) Protective devices against diagnostic medical X-radiation Part 3: Protective clothing, Eyewear and Protective Patient shields.
ASTM 2547-18: (USA) Standard test method for determining the attenuation properties in a primary x-ray beam of materials used against radiation.

Maintaining Your Apron
Storage: Keep Lead Garment out of direct sunlight and prolonged exposure to extreme heat. Store at 70-80°F (21-27°C). Temperature limits are approximately 60-100°F (16-38°C). You may roll Lead Garment and transport in a Protech duffle bag or box, but never sharply fold or crease your Lead Garment. Always store Lead Garment on an appropriate metal hanger or lay flat on the ground or a countertop if hanger is not available.

Maintenance: Lead Garment fabrics can be cleaned by hand using mild soap diluted with room temperature water. Clorox hydrogen peroxide in diluted form is permissible. PDI Sani-Cloth® AF3 Germicidal Disposable Wipes are approved for use on Protech aprons.

Disposal: Users must dispose of Lead Garments and accessories by complying with local, state and federal (or international) regulations where applicable.

Warranty: Protech’s Lead Garments are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship to the original purchaser for two years. If a defect appears, please contact us or an authorized reseller to begin the RMA process. You can also go directly to our Return Merchandise Form and begin the return process.

The warranty is void when the product has been tampered with, when repairs or attempted repairs have been made by unauthorized persons, or when the item has been subject to misuse, abuse or damage in transit. For more information on Returns, Repairs and Warranty, please visit our Shipping, Warranty and Returns page.


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Essential Flexback Vest Skirt Apron
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