Disposable Smart Caps

Tested in accordance with ASTM standards, ScatterGuard Disposable Smart Caps provide head protection for fluoro-lab and operating suite personnel during interventional procedures. They are highly protective and disposable through normal waste procedures. Smart Caps feature a cotton inner-lining for extra comfort and sweat wicking.

Minimum Order: 1 box


Product Information

Cap Features: Sterile


Drape Features: Disposable


Cap Features: Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly

Cap Features: Latex Free

Latex Free

Cap Features: Universal Fit

Comfortable Fit

Cap Features: Lightweight


Disposable Smart Cap Characteristics
  • Core Material: Prolite Max
  • Protection Options: 0.06mm, 0.125mm, 0.25mm, 0.50mm LE
  • Fabric: Blue SMS
  • Shelf Life: Non-sterile – 3 years after MFG date
  • CE Marked: Yes (only applies to 0.25mm LE)
  • Certifications: Certified to ASTM F2547-18 standards.
  • Quantity: – 0.06mm LE: 40 caps per box
    – 0.125mm LE: 30 caps per box
    – 0.25mm LE: 20 caps per box
    – 0.375mm LE: 10 caps per box
  • Sizing:– Small: 20.5″ (Head Circ.)
    – Medium: 22″ (Head Circ.)
    – Large: 23″ (Head Circ.)

Cap Attenuation
Lead Equivalence Attenuation @ 90kV
0.06mm 50%
0.125mm 75%
0.25mm 90%
0.50mm 97%

Cap Compliance
Intended Use: Scatterguard Smart Caps are specially designed for fluoroscopic procedures to reduce scatter radiation dose to the wearer. The Cap is to be used in addition to and not place of standard radiation protective devices. Scatterguard Smart Caps are ideal where the user needs protection from ionizing radiation during various types of procedures such as General X-Ray & Fluoroscopy, Radiography, Neuroradiology, Urology, MRI, CT, Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine.

Compliance Requirements: ASTM F2547-18
Biocompatibility Compliance: ISO 10993, ASTM F719 and ASTM F720

Storage, Disposal and Expiration
Storage: Store caps in a cool, dry and ozone-free place (below 35°C). Keep out of direct sunlight. Caps should remain in their original packaging until use. Care should be taken to avoid sharp objects as punctures will allow radiation to pass.

Disposal: Scatterguard Caps should be disposed of through normal waste procedures in accordance with local laws and regulations. The material should not be disposed of by incineration and use of self-contained breathing apparatus is recommended if the sheeting is ignited by fire.

Expiration: The shelf life of a sterile and non-sterile cap is 3 years from manufactured date per FDA requirement. This indication may be found on the label on the original external packaging and indicates the period of time during which the device, sterilized with radiation or Ethylene Oxide, may be used as long as it has been stored properly in suitable conditions and has intact packaging.


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Disposable Smart Caps
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